Artisan & Owner - Katie Williams

"Peace, Love & Soap is more than just a business; it's a heartfelt family endeavor. Its roots trace back to 2007, when Katie Williams embarked on a journey into the world of handmade soap. Her inspiration came from a mother's concern, as her youngest son grappled with eczema. Frustrated by the reliance on prescribed steroids and chemical-laden products, she sought a more natural approach.

Driven by the twin forces of maternal love and a passion for crafting natural remedies, Peace, Love & Soap came into existence. As the years have rolled by, Katie reflects on the profound impact her endeavor has had:

"Peace, Love & Soap has proven to be a greater blessing than I could have ever imagined. It provided me with the opportunity to be present at home with my children while contributing to the realm of natural body care. It has become a platform for my dearest passions: crafting natural remedies, connecting with cherished customers and fellow artisans, and imparting invaluable life lessons to my children through the experience of business ownership."